Kind Words

Kind Words for Gary Armida from the Baseball Industry

“Gary Armida takes the time to dig beyond the surface stories and provide his audience with a deeper understanding of the topics he tackles.  He is a true professional that puts in the hard work to make a story not only interesting but insightful.”

-Mike Chernoff, General Manager, Cleveland Indians


“Over on this website, one of our favorites, Gary Armida of Full Count Pitch, makes the case for Hernandez. Armida’s website gets read by plenty of people in the game itself.”

-Geoff Baker, Columnist, Seattle Times. August 25, 2010 Article.


 “The work that Gary Armida has produced has had a great impact in helping to spread the word about the need for more research into the science of pitching and pitching related injuries. The content, depth, accuracy, and professionalism of is what separates him from so many others. I am proud of my association with Gary.”

-Rick Peterson, Baltimore Orioles Pitching Coordinator and Founder of 3p Sports


“Gary Armida gets it. In a world where anyone can be a columnist or call themselves an expert, you don’t find many guys willing to do the homework, to do the hard thing rather than the easy thing. The work that Armida has done at FCP and elsewhere is important stuff. He’s not saving the world, but maybe, just maybe there’s a kid out there somewhere who’s not going to end up on a surgeon’s table because of Gary.”

-Will Carroll, Fan


“I have known Gary Armida for the past few years and I have found him to be very passionate and extremely professional in his work. I have also been impressed with the quality of his work and the attention to detail in all of his writings.”

-Jim Duquette, Former General Manager of the New York Mets and Baltimore Orioles and Current Analyst for XM Radio and


“It has been an extreme pleasure to work with Gary Armida. Gary showed great interest in the Baseball Assistance Team and captured the organization’s mission through his in-depth questions and passion for the game of baseball with his story about B.A.T. in January, 2010.”

-Erik Nilsen, Senior Coordinator, Baseball Assistance Team


“It has been a pleasure to work with Gary Armida on a variety of projects over the past two years. The professionalism, the willingness to go beyond the surface level of a piece, and the quality of work are unmatched in the industry.”

-Scott B. Zahn, 3P Sports


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